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Our high quality Windows VPS hosting service is unmatched in reliability, price and quality. Our package is powered by Dual Xeon E5-2620 architecture. This allows us to provide our customers with the best service. It comes with the latest in raw processing power and server software. When you are looking for an advanced Windows VPS host, AddonBox will be your best choice.

With the reliability and flexibility of dedicated server hosting at an affordable prices, AddonBox’s Windows VPS service is considered the best in the world. We even provide backend compatibility for website hosting, software communications, game server systems and any other protocols.

With advanced and high end Windows server configurations and 99.9% uptime, you won’t find a better service than AddonBox. We offer our affordable Windows VPS services in the United States, Germany and Switzerland. You can also get unmetered bandwidth with our package.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not have a clear understanding of VPS. A Virtual Private Server is a hosting service offered by ISPs or Internet Service Providers to customers or a virtual machine provided by ISPs . The server can even be used by a user or customer.

It is worth mentioning that a virtual server can also be used without experiencing any problems. In addition to this, there is no need to pay a high or unreasonable price for a dedicated Virtual Private Server. In fact, you need to pay a minimal monthly fee. In simple terms, a Windows VPS is the one that uses Windows operating system.

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PlansCPURAMStorage: SSDBandwidthPortPrice / Per Month
Swiss VPS Basic1 Core @ + 2.6 Ghz2GB up to 4GB DDR320GB SSD Raid 1010TB BW1 Gbps$9.99 /mConfigure
Swiss VPS Advanced2 to 3 Cores @ + 2.6 GHz4 GB up to 6 GB DDR340GB SSD Raid 1010TB BW1 Gbps$19.99 /mConfigure
Swiss VPS Super4 to 5 Cores @ + 2.6 Ghz6GB up to 8GB DDR360GB SSD Raid 1010TB BW1 Gbps$39.99 /mConfigure
Swiss VPS MAX6 to 8 Cores @ + 2.6 Ghz8GB up to 16GB DDR380 to 100 GB SSD10TB BW1 Gbps$59.00 /mConfigure

You can trust AddonBox to exceed your expectations for reliability, performance, support, and privacy.

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Payment Methods

Payment Options

AddonBox accepts payment from:

Credit Cards
Bank Transfer
Western Union

Performance Guarantee

We offer a 100% money back Performance Guarantee. Cancel within 5 days for a full refund, or contact us anytime, and we will build a plan and solution for you that exceeds your requirements.

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Emailing is allowed in our Cloud/VPS hosting services, However Bulk email sending is not permitted. All email list used should be opt-in and include an automatic unsubscribe link. Please contact or to discuss bulk emailing with out dedicated servers.

CPU Cores

Our servers are built with at least 24 logical cores, with 2.6 Ghz+ clock speed. Single-threaded applications execute incredibly fast, and with up to 8 cores per Virtual Server, multi-threaded applications will never wait on processor time.

Our Virtual Servers are never oversold noisy neighbors will never effect the performance of your VPS.


The RAM allocated to Virtual Server is guranteed to never be oversold. We do not use thin-provisioning.

Storage Options

AddonBox offers performance SSD storage for your Virtual Servers.

  • Local SSD – provides ligtening fast storage that is well suited for cache, replicated data, load balanced services, and non-critical instances.
Bandwidth, Port Speeds, and IP Addresses

10 TB of Metered public traffic is included with every Virtual Private Server.

Public Interfaces are limited to 1,000 Mbps port speed. Private Interfaces are not capped and can burst to full 10 Gbps line speed. Bandwidth is only measured and billed on your Public Interfaces. Private traffic is unlimited and free.

By default, all Rackend VPS are provisioned with 1 IP address. You can upgrade each VPS up to 10 IP addresses).

AddonBox Control Panel

The AddonBox Self Service panel allows you to operate multipe VPS, delete machines, create new machines, and adjust resource allocation. For example, you can upgrade the resources instantly in any way you want.

With Rackend you can provision a fully configured VPS in less than 60 seconds.